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First Aid, Health and Safety, Health, Social Care, Mental Health and Safeguarding courses delivered to you COVID19 compliant

| Be the Key to Safety

We at SERtraining believe that  health care and safety is like a lock, and you are the key. Offering a wide range of first aid courses/BLS/ ILS  and health and social care courses designed for everyone, we also run approved regulated courses  for medical practitioners, health care providers, care homes and individuals throughout Surrey,  Sussex, Kent and London. For business or personal use, there is a course just for you. Our friendly, qualified instructors will guide you every step of the way.  

Mission Statement

So lets get to the heart of the matter, we all want to have a safer and better world to live in and be a part of, well  everyone at SERtraining wants that too, our founder Sarah believes we can all make a positive difference  to others, even if  that is a difference to just one person , Sarah  has an extensive background in the health and social care sector having been a care manager for Nuffield Hospitals  and a former lecturer in health and social care , access to nursing and social work,  she is passionate about education, training and staying safe.

Here at SERtraining our courses are  about inspiring and supporting people to develop skills and knowledge, embrace and understand the sometimes  difficult and challenging   world we live in, but  more than that , its about having a go, doing your best  and  when you leave our sessions you can be confident  that when your needed your ready, willing and able. 

Training Offered:

  • Basic and advanced Life Support
  • First Aid and  CPR
  • Safeguarding Adults
  • Child Protection
  • Mental Health
  • Infection Control
  • Pet first Aid
  • Health and Safety
  • And many more

A wide range of courses offered through accredited awarding bodies. which means you get the qualification that meets your needs, and will have access to a wide range of support resources and learning materials 

About the Founder

Sarah Rogers

I am a professional freelance instructor/trainer with over 30 years of experience in the health, social care, and education sector, I have a passion for teaching, and I strive to bring my training sessions to life by making the subjects more interesting, interactive, and relevant for all participants. I regularly update my own knowledge and skills so you can be assured of the most up to date quality training.

 Pet First Aid

Available  on-line and in the classroom.

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